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 The unique analytical platform for large-volume sample characterization and maximum universality in sample preparation. 



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  • Universality in sample imaging with field-free ultra-high resolution Optics

    • - The BrightBeam™ SEM column delivers field-free ultra-high resolution imaging (0.9 nm at 15 keV, 1.3 nm at 1 keV) while maintaining universality in sample imaging and analysis.
    • - Excellent imaging performance at low-beam energies ideal for imaging non-conducting samples and uncoated biological specimens. A low vacuum mode is also available.
      - High electron beam currents up to 400 nA are advantageous for microanalytical techniques such as CL, EDX, WDX and EBSD.
    • - Detection system with angle-selective and energy-filtering capabilities give complete control of surface sensitivity and the option to explore with different contrast.


Electron GunHigh Brightness Schottky Emitter

  Beam Deceleration Mode

0.9 nm at 15 keV / 1.5 nm at 1 keV 
1.3 nm at 1 keV


2x - 2,000,000x 

Accelerating Voltage

50 eV to 30 keV

Probe Current

2pA to 400nA

Extremely powerful Xe plasma FIB column

Xe plasma ion source FIB column for achieving the most challenging large-scale milling tasks in unbeatable short times frames

  • - 50x faster than Ga LMIS FIBs.
  • - on beam range current of 1 pA to 3 µA and resolution of  < 12 nm
  • - Newly developed high resolution Xe plasma FIB column achieving resolution of < 12 nm for extended patterning capabilities
  • - Large-mass xenon ions with larger FIB current range for ultra-fast sputtering even with­out gas-assisted enhancement
  • - Significant reduction in ion implantation compared to Ga LMIS FIBs
  • Rocking Stage - An effective and optimized polishing strategy against curtaining effect

Ion Optics

Ion column

i-FIB + 1.5v

Ion GunXe plasma ion source
Accelerating voltage3kV to 30kV
Probe current

1 pA to 3 µA

Resolution (at 30 keV)

< 12 nm

Maximum Field of View

> 1 mm

SEM-FIB angle55°


Semiconductors & Microelectronics

Semiconductors & Microelectronics

Material Science

Material Sciences

Life Sciences

Life Sciences

Earth Sciences

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